JC3:MP Beta 0.9.8 is now available

Published on Sunday 29th January 2017 at 21:11

Hello everyone,

it's been a little while since our last beta update. We now have the fourth minor update to the client and server files ready for you.

edit: If you receive the following error during server startup, create the mentioned missing directory. This issue will be fixed in Beta 0.9.9.

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::experimental::filesystem::v1::__cxx11::filesystem_error' what(): 
filesystem error: recursive directory iterator cannot open directory: 
No such file or directory [/home/username/jc3mp/client_packages]

In this example you'd need to create the directory "/home/username/jc3mp/client_packages".


A quick changelog

  • Added first iteration of vehicle handling scripting functions
  • Added wingsuit scripting functions
  • Changed the menu key to always be the key above tab, regardless of keyboard layout
  • Added additional debugging code for common launch problems 
  • Fixed the client not supporting password input
  • Updated node.js to 7.1
    • We plan to update to 7.4 soon as well
  • Fixed #219 (Setting player.position will reset rotation)
  • Fixed #198 (World.sunPosition does not reset on disconnect)
  • Fixed #162 (Game crash at launch since 0.9.5)
  • Added a message box if Steam is not running
  • Fixed a server crash related to players disconnecting during a network call
  • Fixed server crashes related to player streaming
  • Added support for arrays in event parameters and custom properties
  • Fixed a crash occurring when single player statistics servers are offline
  • Fixed checkpoint rendering
  • Enable media-streams in cef for getUserMedia support
  • Fix a bug that allowed all websites to be loaded instead of just the ones in the websites array in the client package json
    • This probably requires changes on a few server packages to work properly

We also have a few breaking changes

  • The "VehicleDestroyed" event has been renamed to "VehicleExploded"
    • A new "VehicleDestroyed" event has been added  which is triggered upon vehicle deletion
    • "VehicleExploded" is triggered when a vehicle explodes
  • Changed the rotation order used for scripting functions to a more intuitive order
    • If you previously used rotations in your script it would be wise to check them
    • A detailed explanation of the change is available here
  • NetworkPlayer.localPlayer has been deprecated and will be removed in a future version
    • As a replacement compare the network id to the local player's network id:
      • NetworkPlayer.networkId == jcmp.localPlayer.networkId
  • Due to changes in some of the networking code we increased the internal network version, so this client and server are not backwards compatible


Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage:



Scripting documentation

Read more

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