JC3:MP Beta 0.9.6/0.9.7 is now available

Published on Wednesday 11th January 2017 at 13:10

Hello everyone,

development of the mod continues and we've been able to solve some more issues. We now have the third minor update to the client and server files ready for you.

Please note that this is a hotfix release for the caching issue present in 0.9.5 which prevented some players to properly join servers. Updating is highly recommended!

Here's a quick list of changes in version beta 0.9.6

  • Fixed a caching issue introduced in client 0.9.5 what would prevent players from connecting to a server when the existing cached client packages differ from the content on the server
  • Changed some code to prevent possible dead locks
  • Possible fix for server crashes introduced in 0.9.5 due to changes in event timing
    • We were not able to reproduce this issue internally, so we can't say for sure that it's fixed
  • Fixed an issue that caused linux crash dumps to not be uploaded to our server


Update: We have released server 0.9.7 to fix a breaking issue with POIs.

Dowload the updated client & server directly from our homepage:



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