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Constructible This class can not be instantiated from your script. Do not try to use the `new` keyword on this class. Auto Destroy Instances of this class will be deleted automatically. Custom Properties You cannot add your own properties to instances of this class. They will not be saved and can cause undefined behavior.


Name Type Description
topSpeedJumpMultiplier number
resistanceAtMinRpm number
resistanceAtMaxRpm number
resistanceAtOptimalRpm number
revLimiterRpmDrop number
maxRpm number
minRpm number
optimalRpm number
torqueFactorAtMaxRpm number
torqueFactorAtMinRpm number
torqueFactorAtOptimalRpm number
clutchSlipRpm number
engineMinNoise number
engineDamageNoiseScale number
engineMaxDamageTorque number


This class does not have any functions.

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