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Constructible This class can not be instantiated from your script. Do not try to use the `new` keyword on this class. Auto Destroy Instances of this class will be deleted automatically. Custom Properties You cannot add your own properties to instances of this class. They will not be saved and can cause undefined behavior.


Name Type Description
centerOfTorquesX number
centerOfTorquesY number
centerOfTorquesZ number
altitudeInputPower number
yawInputPower number
pitchInputPower number
rollInputPower number
pitchInputDeadZone number
tToFullYawS number
maxSpeedTToFullYawS number
bankStartVelocityKmph number
bankMaxVelocityKmph number
minSpeedDiveKmph number
maxSpeedDiveKmph number
addDivePitchDeg number
addClimbPitchDeg number
maxRollInputForClimb number
climbSpeedLowSpeedKmph number
diveSpeedLowSpeedKmph number
minAltitudeInput number
unsettledAltitudeGainClimb number
unsettledAltitudeGainDive number
maxDivingGs number
maxClimbingGs number
addForceForwardPower number
addForceLateralPower number
trimInputGain number
forwardDrag number
lateralDrag number
verticalDrag number
tailLateralDrag number
tailVerticalDrag number
angularDrag number
lowSpeedMaxDragYawSpeed number
highSpeedMaxDragYawSpeed number
yawDragNoInput number
forwardDragNoInput number
lateralDragNoInput number
verticalDragNoInput number
tailDistanceToComM number
addForwardForce number
addRightForce number
addLateralFactorPullUp number
maxRollDeg number
addBankRollDeg number
addBankRollPullUpDeg number
maxPitchLowSpeedDeg number
maxPitchHighSpeedDeg number
counterPitchAngleDeg number
counterPitchSpeedKmph number
rollP number
rollI number
rollD number
rollMaxAmplitude number
pitchP number
pitchI number
pitchD number
pitchMaxAmplitude number
yawP number
yawI number
yawD number
yawMaxAmplitude number
lowSpeedAltitudeP number
lowSpeedAltitudeI number
lowSpeedAltitudeD number
highSpeedAltitudeP number
highSpeedAltitudeI number
highSpeedAltitudeD number
altitudeLimitThresholdLow number
altitudeLimitThresholdHigh number


This class does not have any functions.

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