Constructible This class can not be instantiated from your script. Do not try to use the `new` keyword on this class. Auto Destroy Instances of this class will be deleted automatically. Custom Properties You can extend instances of this class with your own properties.

Global JCMP class. Use jcmp in your script.


Name Type Description
packages Array<Package> read only all loaded packages
events EventSystem read only event system
networkVersion number read only the current network version of the server
ui JCMPUINamespace read only
viewportSize Vector2f read only
localPlayer LocalPlayer read only
players Array<NetworkPlayer> read only all players
world World read only
settings Settings read only


JCMPNamespace.print(string p1)


Name Type Description
p1 string

JCMPNamespace.printLog(string p1, string p2)


Name Type Description
p1 string
p2 string

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